Welcome to Aion MMO powered by Aion-Unique software hosted by http://Aiononline.com "
" This is a brand new server with daily updates, join us on the Forum & IRC to chat about the game ;) "

                                                                                     Server's Information  

  • Nezekan:
  • Supported Client PATCH: NA/EU
  • Max level 50
  • Progressive XP Rate: from 10x to 50x!
  • Drop Rate: 10x
  • Quest XP Rate: 20x
  • Quest Kinah Rate: 20x
  • Abyss Point Rate: 3x
  • Gathering XP Rate: 2x
  • Crafting XP Rate: 2x
  • Free Fly Everywhere!
  • Retail-like mob spawns in every maps.
  • Retail-like drops list for every mobs.
  • 2nd class available!
  • Abyss Available!
  • 12 Instances Available!
  • Steel Rake Available.
  • Color Dyes Available.
  • PvP Available Everywhere!
  • Rifts Available.
  • Warehouse Available.
  • Abyss Points!
  • Legion system!
  • Craft jobs
  • Player commands:
  • //givemissingskills, //movie. 
  •                                                                                                         NEWS

    Here the updates:
    - Corrected a few monster hunt quests in Eltnen, Verteron & Theobomos.
    - Aion MMO 2nd site's Forums http://forums.atomixro.com/showthread.php?t=7091
    - Added Godstone socketing fail messages.
    - Added more Quests in Eltnen, Heiron, Beluslan & Morheim: - Added New NPC + Subtitles in Beluslan @ Hoarfrost Shelter (Betoni camp).
    - [Skill engine] Boost heal effect implemented (Boost Healing, Winged Recovery), note that Winged Recovery applied for now in all states.
    - Group members will have corresponding abnormal effects in group window.
    - Hotfix for broker item duplication.
    - Npc default state(sitting) is taken from npc_templates, example - Telemachus sitting in chair( thought state 6 probably not correct).
    - Character list according to last online.

    - Welcome to (GM)Brooklyn who's level 1 and will be here to help you out and also ban hackers.
    - (GM)Drake has been promoted to level 2 and will be now able to hand out rewards during events instead of waiting on (GM)Mrcina to give them out.

    Have fun & don't forget to mass vote!



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